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[March 5]

Having cleaned the sparring room earlier Nuada now found himself in the middle of it bare to the waist.  He knew he was not as he should be, and he needed to know his limits.  He needed to find them before he faced a fight as surprises in battle could be fatal.

Starting his usual training routine he found himself, again, feeling as if against the resistance of water.  While still fast, he was still disturbingly slowed down.  It was frustrating to a person already on edge.  He spun, struck, ducked and leaped. There was another problem.  He couldn't attain the height he wanted in a simple leap.  His legs didn't seem to have the power they should. 

Not caring about the mirror he made a run and kicked off the wall in a spin, his hair flying about him.  The mirror did not break.  He could do a simple kick off at least.  He tried for a slightly harder move.  Again running at the mirror he used momentum to carry him  as if running up the surface.  Only three steps and he felt the oppressive pull of gravity.  Way too soon.  He pushed backwards into a flip only to find himself too close to the ground and needing to use his hands to push off the floor  to land standing.  A single flip and not even properly clear.  He should be able to climb half way up the wall and get at least three airborne flips in before landing in a ready attack.  He tried the move again, and again, and again.  On the third try he managed a single flip without using his hands to push off.  Subsequent tries left him frustrated and dismayed. 

He tried a simple backflip from the floor without using his hands.  He could usually leap at least his own height.  He was glad he was alone because he had to tuck into a roll to land on his shoulders in a somersault that left him sitting on his ass.  Dusting himself off he tried again but still managed to leap four feet and needed his hands to complete the move.  He found he couldn't manage a single consecutive flip either.  Useless.

He moved into a strenuous kata, imagining his spear in hand.  He could manage simple moves, far too slow for his liking, and acrobatic moves he was sure a fit human could manage.  Alright maybe marginally better than that, but he was feeling demeaned and disgusted.

Worst of all after what he could guess to be ninty minutes he had worked up a sweat and his breathing became more labored.  His legs trembled from the strenuous use.  He should be able to keep at it for four or so hours.

Finally he moved to set his back against one of the cool mirror surfaced and slide down  to sit, his knees drawn up.  He was fading, weakening.  Would this continue until he was nothing?  He would never admit to the frisson of fear that crept up his spine.

"Feic, Tá mé ag cursed faoi dhó." He spoke the words aloud, feeling their truth sink in.

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"You've been weakened as well," Klaus spoke up as he took a few steps inside the room, after it became clear that the creature, whatever they were, or he was, since it seemed male, had finished exhausting himself. It had been all too clear as Klaus had watched him try, again and again, to achieve more than what he was currently capable of.

And he liked to make it his business to know of anyone that wasn't strictly human. This fellow seemed not even vaguely human, but he supposed that he might be another mutation of the homo superior.

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His father's voice echoed in Klaus's mind, and his smile was not a nice one. He had been cheerful enough, for one trapped here, and curious about the white man. But all that was gone at the thought of Mikael, who did so love to call him boy.

"I'm not one to answer to boy," he replied, a little darkly, sliding his hands out of his pockets. Just in case. Just in case the other one pushed it.

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Mollified by the answer, Klaus let some of his tension go, and his smile lost that edge of don't-fuck-with-me.

"I can't even reach my proper speed anymore," he answered, with a shrug. "Frustrating is one word for it." Maddening, perhaps closer to the truth.

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"I've noticed that as well," Klaus confirmed, thinking of Alayne. Her world was not like any period of Earth (although it seemed to resemble the Middle Ages in culture, at least), or any version of Earth, like that of Mycroft or Sherlock. "It's a puzzle."

He paused, and then, "Klaus," coming a few steps closer, thumbs hooked into his pants pockets. As relaxed-looking as hands in pockets, but more ready to counter a strike by far. These times, with how weak he felt, made him wish for a sword. He was better with one than with his bare hands, he was sure, even know. Like riding a bike, some would say. And he had seen what Prince Nuada Silverlance of the Unseen Realm here could do. "Earth, 2012. No title that would mean anything to you, I don't think. What's the Unseen Realm?"

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Klaus smiled at the mention of New York City, especially as a scourge. "We have New York," he confirmed, amusement clearly showing. "One of my favourite places." That explained his amusement, although he did not seem to - and did not, in fact - hold their difference of opinion against Nuada. But there was so much going on in New York; of course he loved it.

"Faeries are only a myth in my world," he added, for information. Vampires and werewolves might only be myth in Nuada's. "But they mostly have good press."

Most humans had no ideas about the original stories about elves; of course he did. All Norsemen of old would. Elves were nothing to trifle with, and it was quite something to meet one - and find out that they were much closer to the legends he had been told in his youth than to the romancised, pastoral bullshit that were most Midsummer Night's Dream productions.

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Klaus shrugged; he didn't really hate humans. He just... Well, best say it out loud for Nuada's benefit. "They can occasionally make things interesting. It'd be boring without them." And he would grow hungry.

"And we don't have faeries in my world. I would know," he assured Nuada with the confidence he possessed - enough to sell it, not too much either. He was the myth, the double myth even. Witches were, too. Faeries just weren't around, unless they'd been asleep somewhere far out of his reach for the last millenium.

He'd leave them to True Blood, and happily at that.

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Nuada really didn't like humans much, it turned out, Klaus figured with a half-smile. Best not to mention he used to be one, even if that had been over 1,000 years ago.

"And weakened as we are, if enough of them turned on us..." He let the thought hang there, with that same half-smile on his lips, apparently unbothered by the possibility.

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Yeah, made sense - pollution being that much worse for faeries. They had already been linked to nature in the oldest myths.

"Ah, well, we feed on humans," Klaus explained. "They're necessary. And amusing." Some of them were, anyway. "And we all started out human."

Maybe it wasn't the best decision, spilling the beans on that particular topic, but he felt so far above humans that he really didn't care.

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"Well, it's only been one thousand for me, give me some time," Klaus requested cheerfully.

Many people had died in the human greed for more life, a lot of them at Klaus's hands. Much as he had not started any of it (not directly), he had by now more than embraced his nature. He was not in the least ready to give up on life, by which he meant a pleasurable life.

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Klaus let the teasing go without letting it touch him; Nuada is four times his senior, apparently. He has every right to tease, and had their roles been reversed, Klaus would have done the same. So he just smiled, a small smile that widened at the offer.

"I'm probably going to be shit at first," he felt obliged to warn the guy. "I never had your moves, and I've lost a lot of speed and strength. But I'd welcome the opportunity."

He used to be a good warrior, better with a sword than Elijah, even if he had never beaten Mikael. But it was best not to think of him. It would be best for him to be ready for anything, in his weakened state, and that involved combat. At least with a sparring partner like Nuada, he would be sure not to grow bored.

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"As you like," Klaus answered, somewhat sardonically, to counter-balance how very formal Nuada's last words had been. He turned on his heels and leisurely headed back out of the sparring room. "See you then," he added, with a wiggle of his fingers that meant buh-bye.

He actually was looking forward to it.


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