Mar. 30th, 2012

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(March 20)

Fury had run hot before turning a much more dangerous cold through Nuada Silverlance.  Dishonorable and low attacks from the halfling and the cowardly drugs of the human had left him to plot how best to be rid of both of them.  He had hoped the halfling would show more of the honor of  his higher blood, not sink to human lows. 

He would give them their due, in time.  Nuada had learned patience long ago.  He may not prefer it, however it was often the best strategic move. 

Patience and waiting for vengeance did not alleviate the need for the physical release of violence.  He was able to wait long enough for the loosely scheduled sparring match with Klaus Mikaelson. 

The man was a satisfying opponent.  His speed and strength were a good match.  He was recommitting long unused techniques to body memory and his improvement was steady.  In a month or less he may even be able to become Nuada's equal.  Their techniques were different, but each held their own advantages.

Today Nuada had brought some of the primitive weapons the rat infestation had apparently inspired.  More than one empty living quarters had been demolished to make weapons of wood and metal.  Wood was best for practice.  He had four poles four feet in length at the ready.  As he awaited his sparring partner he spun two of them as if they were swords, acclimating himself to the weight and balance of them.

Nuada was disgusted to find his new, slower healing required two days between sparring for deeper bruises to heal.  What should have taken a few hours took two days.  He desperately wanted to know what they had been dosed with.  But not enough to ask either of the cowards currently occupying the lab.  Perhaps the tattooed one would be able to work on such in the future.

So it was that Nuada was lost in thought and absently moving through a double sword kata when Klaus arrived.


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