May. 29th, 2012

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Despite Jane Shepards joking, Nuada did NOT spend all day training. Only six hours split up. That left 18 hours that he was awake to occupy.

He had found a silent solitude in the first level observation deck. Perhaps because he had added something of beauty right in the middle of the wall opposite the view the second week he was here. The Life Tree was an important part of both Fae and Human history, even if only the Fae seemed to remember.

In the solitude, with the view across from him, Nuada sat with his legs stretched out before him, ankles crossed. He was reading an actual paper book. A thick paperback containing the three novels of Lord Of the Rings. Three months ago he'd found it insulting and tossed it into the room with other found items. Now... he was still a bit insulted, but he had craved an actual paper book and so he suffered through it.

His afternoon in the schoolroom trying to learn the basic mechanics and physics of space travel had held no pleasure, only purpose.

The only sound in the room was the whisper of a turning page.


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