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Nuada entered the lab the day after returning from Venice. It was empty for once and he walked over to the plant boxes and lights Bashir had set up. He had brought the seeds of the raspberries and strawberry with him and set the small bowls he'd separated them into beside one of the boxes.

The makeshift garden seemed to have been a success. Some sprouts were peeking through the soil, young and the fresh to the world. Nuada reached in and gently touched one. Where he had not been able to sense a thing from the soil, he could sense the life of the plant, feel the two hair thin roots protruding from the halved seed beneath.

Being able to sense the plant was a relief. He couldn't feel them from the doorway, and he had to be almost touching the greenery, but there was still a connection. He was still a Son of the Earth.

He decided to experiment, choosing the four seedlings closest to him, tomato. Closing his eyes, Nuada spread his fingers and touched the soil around the plants. He called to the seedlings, asking them to grow for him, weaving the spiderweb thin tendrils of magic he could call. It took total concentration and he began to feel his personal magic drain from him as the seedlings uncurled slowly and stretched upwards as tiny leaf buds started to sprout.

But it was taking much too much effort and he felt his energy pour out, making his cease and grip the table as a wave of dizziness and weakness crashed into him.

He wanted to hit something. He should be able to coax a seedling into full bloom within minutes. These four had only advanced perhaps three or four days worth of growth and it took all the magic he could access.

So engrossed had he been in his own experiment he never even heard someone else enter the room. And knowing Nuada's constant awareness, that said much.

(*from: A Seed by William Allingham)

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Considering how things had gone in Venice, Julian had been (probably fairly) instructed to keep his shenanigans to a minimum by Shepard, Arturia, and even Gaius before he'd promised to take it easy and settled in to read for a while in his self-appointed rooms.

After a few hours, he'd gauged that none of his hovering companions were waiting in the hall any longer (if they had been in the first place, but he wouldn't doubt it), and so crept to the science lab just to check on the plants and make certain that they were doing well.

To his delight and awe, instead he found himself the unexpected witness of something truly extraordinary as Nuada coaxed the plants to new life, urging a few of them-- it seemed to Julian-- to leap up from the soil, their leaves spinning into a full, green health.

"That's wonderful!" he gasped, quite without considering whether Nuada might appreciate having a witness to his wonders. Julian was, to be perfectly honest, still too tired to be on his feet for long, and leaning into the wall beside the door for support.

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Nuada's vehement response left Julian a little taken aback, and mostly concerned for Nuada's well-being. He listened, however, and came to understand at least a bit of the problem: ordinarily, this person who'd identified himself as an elf, commanded a deep and powerful connection to the earth itself, and to living things within it. While Julian might not personally believe in magic exactly, he'd been aboard the Defiant once to witness an entire fleet of Dominion ships mysteriously disappear at the hands of what the Bajorans call 'prophets'. He'd seen enough to know that things he might not be able to explain could easily happen despite his lack of explanation for them.

So, rather than counter that it was incredible to be able to bring forth the seeds at all, Julian accepted that Nuada was not satisfied with the amount of power he was showing. "That's very troubling; I wonder why anyone would want to limit such a gift?" He had his suspicions-- suppose such a talent could be used on people? then it might not be so wonderous-- but didn't voice them aloud, instead accepting the chair wheeled his direction and gladly falling into it.

"I think you're right," he laughed breathlessly, trying to arrange himself a little more comfortably in the chair. Before he could worry too much about Nuada's evident weariness following the use of magic, he found himself being queried after instead, and laughed a little at Nuada's joke. "It's mostly healed, thank you. And-- well, I've heard the same, but the Commander and Miss Pendragon were very cross with me for getting hurt in the first place, I fear."

Shrugging a little, he leaned in to the desk a bit. "It'll be a few days before my body can produce enough blood to make up what was lost, but then I should be good as new." Or close enough, which he was willing to settle for.

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Worrying for his companion a moment, Julian said nothing to interrupt as Nuada explained how heavily he'd been handicapped by their invisible hosts. He'd had no idea how heavily Nuada was affected. Though he and Gaius had been trying to make sense of the blood samples collected thus far, whatever they'd been injected with adapted so frequently, it was difficult to even get a good look at the structure of whatever it was before it changed again.

Before he could offer some attempt at condolence, Nuada changed the subject, and Julian followed his lead, gathering that it might be possible that Nuada didn't really enjoy talking about it, or admitting to feeling vulnerable. "I think she may have; to be entirely honest, I wasn't very aware of what was going on around me at the time."

The caution that he'd been lucky made him wince, and nod in agreement. "I know. I was very foolish; it's lucky I made it back at all, really." But at Nuada's wry assurance that ladies found scars attractive, he couldn't help an answering grin. "You're right, there."

The recommendation to exercise surprised him-- not because it was out of place, as it seemed logical enough-- but because it suggested an interest in his own well-being that extended beyond the purely superficial. Touched by the concern, he nodded gravely and promised, "I'll take that to heart. Thank you, Nuada."

Then, of course, there was mention of new seeds for his garden, and he brightened. "Oh, wonderful! I didn't even think to look!" He leaned in a bit, winced as it jarred his still-sore gut, and carefully adjusted his position to lessen the strain. "A-actually, I was going to ask if I might trouble you to look after the garden for a day or two while I'm in convalescence?"

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At Nuada's easy dismissal of his thanks, Julian couldn't help a wry chuckle. He could understand all too well Nuada's distaste of the artificial flavor of replicated food. He'd lived with it long enough to appreciate the real thing-- and had a Captain who so enjoyed cooking that he'd been treated, from time to time, to the cruel reminder of what he was missing. Nuada's stance just made sense. Even reliable replicators weren't perfect.

He was even more pleased by Nuada's response to his request, as he'd worried-- just a bit-- that the man might see such a task as beneath him. "I'm glad to hear it! I can't think of a person better suited to it."

As Nuada turned the conversation back to Venice, Julian shifted slightly, trying to get comfortable in the chair. Alas, it didn't seem it was to be. Having spent most of the trip trying not to agitate his stitches in a chapel, however, he hadn't heard anything about the war Nuada described. He raised an eyebrow, repeating in curiosity, "Small scale war? I think I missed that. What happened?"

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Truthfully, he was a little appalled by the sound of the event-- little more than murder outright, from what Julian could tell. But, he'd heard the same contempt and subtle superiority in Quark's tone on the occasions when the Ferengi waxed philosophical about the failings of humanity.

"Sounds like a safer vantage than in the alleyway itself," he joked.

When Nuada noted Julian's discomfort, however, he ducked his head slightly, embarrassed to be so obvious. "Aha-- I think you're right, unfortunately." Rather than assume Nuada's assistance, he got carefully to his feet and wobbled there a moment, wincing. "Oo. Could I possibly ask for your company on the way back? I'm still a little unsteady on my feet, all told."


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