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June 18

Nuada felt the strange pull of the transporter. Oddly it didn't further aggravate his wound as he materialized prone on the transport pad. Doctor Baltar was standing in the transporter bay right next to him.

The station felt cold. Uncomfortably so in his soaked clothing. He looked about and saw Newt just past the transporters, kneeling next to Kasumi.

"Looks like another round of crazy went through," Newt looked at the painted walls and signs of destruction. "See, I was probly safer down there."

"Still in house arrest," Nuada stuttered out. "Doctor, can you get the Acrobat to the science lab, or do you need assistance?"

Not that Nuada could assist even if the small woman looked 90 pounds drenched, but someone could be found. Shepard and Arturia were sure to be along any second.

He, himself, just needed someone to keep him from falling over as he walked. Blood loss was making him light headed. Combined with the small level of iron poisoning he was also nauseous and if his shoulder did not pain him as if afire, his head would be his undoing.

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It takes a moment before Gaius reorients himself after being pulled back into the station. But the second he has his bearings, he spins around, searching for Six. It's only once he's completed the circle that she's in front of him, still wearing the same white immaculate dress she had been wearing on the planet below.

"It's time to continue what you started," she says.

"Yes," he says, more to himself than to Six for once. "Yes, but we need to get you there as well." A beat. "You shouldn't be moving at all, if you'd like my opinion of it."

He kneels down beside Kasumi. "Do you think you can walk if you use me for support?" Gaius certainly wouldn't mind the woman hanging off of him; he just wish that the circumstances were entirely different from what it was now.

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It's at that moment that Shepard appears solo, looking a little worse for wear. She thought using her biotics again would be nice -- like riding a bike after a very long time. But it wasn't. Using the biotics she'd used for the past ten years of her life was anything but relaxing. Putting aside how she felt crippled by her inability to control her biotics with the same grace and speed and force, she felt like one of the L-2 biotics -- the ones with the intense migraines. Her nose had already bled on two separate occasions while they were out there, and -- she wipes her nose with the back of her arm again -- once here.

"Everyone okay?" she asks, stepping forward with the same easy gait she did whenever she was aboard the station. She looks from Gaius leaning down next to Kasumi to Newt before resting eyes on Nuada. "We're going to have to get you to the labs, too," she says.

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Arturia blinked into existence a moment later with both the trident and the sword in hand. She looks somewhat tired but other than the cut on her cheek and a few scratches on her arm from the air temple, she seems unscathed. All of the new scratches will certainly heal given time and eventually blend in with her other scars. The one on her cheek bothered her, however. She was vain enough to hope that one didn’t actually leave a mark. She gives Shepard a quick nod in thanks for returning to the station, worry formed lines around her mouth and eyes as she studied the woman. She looked worse than she had in the temple.

Her eyes briefly scanned the mess the room was in. Clearly they’d missed nothing of importance on the ship and it was probably better that they’d all almost died. “I don’t even want to know…” With a small shake of her head her attentions returned to the group.

Arturia steps over to the elf then offers Nuada an arm to lean on. Knowing full well the man probably feels the same way she would about being carried. Both were far too prideful to abide by any such action, “I believe I can be of assistance.

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Kasumi groaned softly, “I don’t think I want to move anywhere. We are back on the ship, right? I’m not really imagining this whole, yay safety thing?” The woman was only half kidding.

She held her shoulder tight against her body. “You know, you could just leave me here, bring rum and then move me. I wouldn’t be opposed to this.” Though, knowing the luck of those damned replicators, they’d end up with something totally useless.

Or about 40 pounds of ramen. Which was actually the opposite of useless in the thief’s opinion.

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Gaius offers Newt a small, strained smile; he really has no intention of leaving her here alone. Thankfully, it's then that Shepard and Arturia appear -- the redhead first, then her blonde, less likable companion.

There'd be no need to leave Newt behind.

"You're going to have to move," Gaius insists, helping the woman up. He's gentle now -- more gentle, at least, than he was when he was popping her arm back into its socket. He helps her up, allowing her to wind her good arm around his neck for support. His other arm is curled around her waist in an attempt to steady the woman before they move forward.

"I'm going to examine you more thoroughly once we're back in the laboratory," he tells her. As they move forward. "Is your shoulder feeling better?"

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Kasumi is definitely not happy about having to move but she’s grateful that Gaius is being gentle with her. “I think I liked not moving better,” the level of pain was definitely lessened now that her arm wasn’t hanging limply at her side.

“I think so, it aches so I guess that’s better than what it was doing earlier,” everything ached though so, it probably wasn’t just due to the dislocation. The fall and getting slammed into a wall probably hadn’t helped with the aching she felt in every muscle.

“How is Mister Elf?” She wasn’t going to hint that she felt bad that he’d hurt himself trying to save her but that was precisely why she was asking. She didn’t want to see him die and felt particularly bad he’d ended up with a hole in himself because she’d made a miscalculation.

This was the exact reason she wasn’t ever meant to lead anyone into anything.

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"Mr. Elf?" Gaius repeats, brows furrowed. He can't believe someone Kasumi's age is using nicknames like that for fully-grown adults. He might have remarked upon it in some snide way if he weren't still hoping that he might find her in his bed sometime.

"He's doing better than I could have hoped," he admits. "He won't be in the clear for a few days at least, but his odds of survival now that we're back on the station are vastly improved than they were minutes ago."

In part due to the lack of walking skeletons on the station. Gaius pushes his glasses back up his face with his free hand.

"What happened, exactly, anyway?" he asks, turning to look at her. He hadn't seen what had happened, or how it happened; he had only seen the victims once they were already laid out on the floor, injured.

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Newt knew the moment Shepard and Arturia showed up that she wasn't gonna be staying with Nuada, so she trailed behind Giaus.

"His names Nuada. Or Your Highness if you're mad at him," At least that's what Newt called him when he behaved badly, mostly to point out that he should know better.

Mr. Elf was kinda funny, though. If he weren't hurt and bleeding, he'd likely take offense.

"I only saw the spear thing go right through him as he was spinning, not what happened before that. When he was hit Kasumi was hanging upside down and he was holding her as he'd turned. Newt saw that much.

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The woman looked behind her at the group helping the taller, paler man. It was good that he wasn’t dead then, that certainly would have ruined her week.

Gaius’ question pulled her from her thoughts, “I had my hands on that crown and one of the vines against the wall pulled me away from it.” There would have been a shrug to accompany that if she knew the action wouldn’t aggravate her injury. “I’m pretty sure the plant monster was a little upset that we were all mucking around it’s clean temple room. I suppose I can’t blame it too much for trying to crush my face.”

Only she absolutely could about would spend the rest of forever carefully cutting vines away from any future tombs she was forced to enter. Take that scary homicidal vine monster.

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Gaius listens to both of the women as they proceed forward; it won't be long now before they're in the science labs, thankfully. Their procession through the temple had done a great deal to fatigue him, and the pressure of suturing up a deadly wound in the midst of a battle had done little to improve things. If he were not saddled with the responsibility of playing doctor, he'd have headed straight for his room and crawled right under the covers.

Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be an option. Not unless he wants to spend the rest of his time on this station silently being judged for being too fatigued to help someone else. God forbid his feelings ever factored into the equation.

"Well, we didn't get the crown." It's clear from Gaius' tone that he's irritated -- but who wouldn't be? The whole temple thing was nothing short of a disaster. All of this -- and for what? Six wanted him down there to get that crown and in the end, they didn't get it. None of them. He just had to hope that someone still there managed to get their hands on the crown.

He glances over at Six, who is walking beside them, the steady click-clack of heel against floor so different from the dull stomp of their shoes and boots.

"It feels like this was all a waste." There, his thoughts voiced in words. "And you know," he says, turning to Newt. "I don't care what your reasons where, you shouldn't have been down there." Somehow, it made him angry that she had to see Nuada stuck straight through and then talk about it as if this were some everyday, normal occurrence.

It shouldn't be.

"What do you expect I would have done if you had been hurt also?" he asks her, still bristling with irritation. "I'm not a miracle worker. I couldn't have treated you and Nuada at the same time."

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"Triage," Newt shrugs like it's a perfectly normal thing for a kid to blurt out. "Worst hurt first. Tell others how to hold next worst. Held a tourniquet for ten minutes once," she announced the achievement proudly.

She didn't add that the lady died only ten minutes later.

"Did you see the Porta Ianualis?" Newt moved ahead and walked backwards before Giaus and Kasumi. "If I were up here I coulda been dead, or didn't you see the dried blood on the floor?" In fact, it worried her. Who had gotten hurt here and how?

Newt turned when the lab doors opened and led the way inside.

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At times, Gaius' face can be very expressive, his features almost exaggerated so that they perfectly personified the emotion he was trying to portray. That is the case now. Looking down at Newt, his expression is disbelieving. He opens his mouth once, closes it and his mouth simutaneously, then opens his mouth again.

"You do know you're nine, don't you?" he blurts out. "Can't you act it once in a while?"

Though Gaius prided himself on being a good speaker, his words did not convey what he was trying to say. He actually preferred her acting like an adult most of the time. But at moments like these, he's reminded exactly how much he took his life before the Cylon attacks for granted.

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"I do. I have Sharla." Newt shrugged. "She's fabric and stuffing, but nice to hold at night. And... you saw my room," Newt winced. She'd promised to keep it neat. But she's shed her usual cloths for her adventure cloths and left them on the bedroom floor. She'd get them later.

"And you give me a choice of mashed potatoes and chips, I'm takin' chips every time."

Yup, she knew she was nine. And she liked the grown ups in charge most of the time. Until she got grounded anyway.

Newt was rather proud of her performance planetside. She'd outrun animal hedges, climbed a tree to escape giant rats, crawled through tunnels of dirt and did almost as well as the grown ups.

Of course at the moment her hair was a knot filled mess, she was filthy, her cloths were ripped and her shoes squelched when she walked. But that was well earned. So was the skinned knee, bruised cheek and scraped knuckled. War wounds. And even though it was scary... she climbed a TREE, and smelled a flower, and fought nasty grabby vines. Well, Sandor and Brisco fought the vines and cut her down, but it counted.

All in all, she was very proud of herself. And grounding wasn't gonna take that away. She was learning to be brave.

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"It's not normal for you to act like this." Gaius' tone is quickly bordering on the hysterical -- though given Gaius' tendency to gravitate to extremes, it's not at all surprising to those who know him. "What nine-year old knows about triages? Or acts perfectly normal after having their elven companion stuck straight through with a spear?"

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"I freaked out," Newt looked past Giaus to where Arturia was helping Nuada get to the labs. "Didn't you see me freak out?"

She certainly remembered running across the room of death and destruction and sliding in the last few feet. Strangely, she wasn't afraid for herself, for the first time.

"Doctor Baltar, There were over a hundred and fifty people in the colony. By the time I knew Triage there were forty or less. Sometimes bad things happen, and you just... learn and live. I'm not normal, I know that. But I'm me, and I'm alive. That's what counts." Her big blue eyes met his directly. "And I still hate math."

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"That isn't how it should be," he says sharply as they turn into the Science Labs. Because really, it shouldn't. Newt's biggest problem should be whatever homework assignment she has to finish by the evening, not trying to survive that temple. She should focus on improving her mathematics, not on identifying who is the most deserving of treatment after injury.

Before long, they're settled in the labs; Gaius has offered a further diagnosis, one that would not at all be surprising to Kasumi, given her tender chest. And before long, he's coaxed her shirt off and has begun taping her up.

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Newt hopped up to sit on a table between where Kasumi was being wrapped up and where Nuada was speaking softly with Shepard. Nuada looked really sick, kinda bluish.

"Nothing's fair. That's how it is. But we all do what we can."

She was oblivious to the dirt and mud they had dragged in. Not that it mattered compared to the Porta Ianualis they were absolutely tidy.

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"Some things are less fair than others," Gaius remarks as he finishes his work.

"It'll take anywhere from three weeks to two months for you to recover fully," he tells Kasumi. "I expect you should take it easy until then."

He gives her a pat on the leg before meandering over to the other two, leaving Newt and Kasumi alone together -- at least for the time being.

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"I don't think it's fair that you're arguing with a nine year old," Kasumi pointed out as she sharply sucked air through her teeth. Having her broken ribs wrapped wasn't the most comfortable thing she'd ever had to sit through and her energy levels had gotten progressively lower after they'd entered the science labs. She was sure the affects of the adrenaline were wearing thin.

She watched the doctor walk away before returning her attentions to Newt, "How you holding up, kiddo?"

The woman sounded as exhausted as she looked.

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Newt gave Kasumi a thumbs up.

She was a little shakey but more excited that everyone was currently okay. The adventure had been worth the moments of fear. She actually even enjoyed the fear a bit. It was an old friend and it had never come to her as hard as it had in the past. It made it more exciting. Not that she'd tell Giaus that. He was already looking at an ulcer in the future. No need to speed it up.

"It isn't argue so much as caring," Newt had accepted Giaus caring about her, even as she was half certain it would kill him. "I don't mind."

Newt hopped down from the counter. "Can you make it to your rooms?"

She could always fetch bedding if anyone needed to stay in the lab.

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The use of her first name is enough to make the commander smile, if only slightly. "I'm fine," she says. "Just tired." That much she's honest about; this whole ordeal has her completely drained. A few months ago, biotics like that wouldn't have even winded her, but it was disconcerting.

"Don't know. Don't think I saw him down below, so he's probably still on the station somewhere." Shepard continues walking forward.

Then in lower tones: "You okay? Baltar didn't bang you up too badly, did he?"

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"I'm glad to hear it," she says as they turn into the science labs. She hadn't had a chance to see his work on Nuada (she was far too preoccupied with warding off whatever was crawling towards them), but if the elf had kind words to say about him, he had to have some idea of what he was doing.

And when Nuada tells her he's honored to have fought beside her, Shepard is really, truly touched. It couldn't have been easy for him to admit, especially given his personal feelings on humans.

Or most humans, anyway.

Then again, Nuada'd changed a great deal since they'd first met all those months ago. She could hardly believe that the same Nuada she'd sparred with her first week on the station was saving humans now.

Let alone a human he barely knew.

"I feel the same," she says. She doesn't sit down; instead she leans against one of those cold, alien tables. "I appreciate what you did for Kasumi back there. She's one of the only people from my reality." She glances over at Kasumi, whose ribs are being taped. "She matters a great deal to me. Even if I didn't know her until she came here."

She looks back over at him. Kasumi's not exactly the only person she cares about aboard this station.

"I'll get some water for us, then," she says, heading towards one of the replicators.

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Arturia offered a nod to the man, is if to say she could not only understand his vow but she whole-heartedly agreed with it. She found herself in the role of protector more often than not . Much to her displeasure, this was probably the root of the cause for the fall of her kingdom. A small frown touched her lips, she wasn’t sure she actually wanted to go home.

Maybe that was the reason she’d been so careless in Venice?

Her eyes moved to Nuada’s wound when he had tensed. It looked painful. “Perhaps we should get you to your room so you can rest, my friend.”


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