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[March 4]

It had been days since had come to this hell. He was unsure of how many. When one lived as long as he time sometimes got away from one. Days, months, what did they matter but to measure sleep or plan an attack in darkness?

When he had set off to explore he'd eventually found a weak flashlight. It helped a bit. His night vision was not as it should have been either. It had always been marginally better than humans. Now, it was just another way he had been diminished.

When he first saw the giant window to the stars he had stood there, hand against the glass, for hours. It had driven reality home. He was really in the vast, unknown blackness. No soil, no green anywhere, most likely for unfathomable spans. It would account for his connection to his sister being gone. Such was never meant to endure such unimaginable distances.

The stars. He recognized none of the constellations, but why would he from a different angle and remoteness? From all he had heard the others were all from different times, different worlds. Different realities.

In some what he had long witnessed had come to pass. Humanity had greedily used up the world and went off to devour other ones. The realm of the unseen had passed.

He had made a perfunctory examination since then. He'd found living quarters where some of the others had settled themselves, and then found his own as far away as possible. In cleaning the place he had found a gold ring on the sink in the bathing room. It was the kind humans used to mark themselves married. They were sentimental of such things and he wondered why one had left this. He had also come across a infant's pacifier in a hallway.

He'd hears the soft scraping in the walls and on occasion sought sight of small movement in the shadows. Likely rats. Where vermin went other vermin followed.

In the poor light he had mapped the corridors, noting maintenance plates and testing doors.

He had found this treasure. It was as dusty as every other area which is why he was working now to clean it. The padded floor spoke of it's purpose, and the size was impressive enough to allow free range of techniques. He considered the mirrors foolish. Any decent use would shatter them. At least if there were made of common glass.

Date: 2012-03-07 03:19 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] shepard
shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (COMMANDER SHEPARD.)
A single hand pressed to the wall, another with a flash light in hand, Shepard navigates the corridor the best she can given the limited light.

For some reason, she's struck with an incredible sense of deja vu. Even with all the differences, it still reminded her very much of her first day on assignment on the SSV Normandy. That felt like ages ago now.

It is then, in the midst of reminiscing that her hand finds that where there once was solid wall, there is nothing.

With a slight frown, Shepard steps into the room and direct her flashlight at the wall.

She does not yet notice the room's other occupant.

Date: 2012-03-07 03:49 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] shepard
shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (COMMANDER SHEPARD.)
Shepard's eyes dart away from the wall and over to Nuada; the light follows. He looks unusual -- not very human at all -- but far from the most unusual person she's ever encountered; Citadel space harbored at least a half dozen alien species who looked more unique than the man in the room.

Wordlessly, she steps inside; a few wayward mice squeak and scatter as she presses forward.

"Commander Shepard," she says by way of introduction. Her eyes turn back towards Nuada. "And you are?"

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shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (COMMANDER SHEPARD.)
"Royalty, huh?" Shepard asks, the slightest of a smile on the ends of her lips. "What are you the prince of, if you don't mind me asking?" She wonders if he's from the same existence she's from; one thing she learned fairly quickly from being held in quarantine with Zoe was that her reality was very different from the one Shepard knew for herself.

"Maybe we can find something," she says, still padding through the room, light directed at the floor in front of her. "I found a couple of different things since I arrived here. Nothing as useful as a weapon, though." She never thought how strange it was to be walking around without a gun at her side; its absence was ever-apparent. It made her feel a little uncomfortable -- not that she'd ever admit it.

"Have you found anything?" she asks, glancing back over in Nuada's direction. "Or is this room just it?"

Date: 2012-03-07 05:39 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] shepard
shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (COMMANDER SHEPARD.)
"New York and Ireland." Shepard had only been to Earth a handful of times; Shepard was not the jewel of the human civilization it used to be, but she had heard of those places -- and she had been to New York twice before. "Can't say I heard of your group -- not that I would have known it, anyway." For reasons he has taken it upon himself to point out.

If he expects her to tremble at the mention of mice or rats, he'll be sorely disappointed; she's dealt with things far worse than mice or rats. "We should probably do something about that," she comments idly, running a finger over her scarred brow. "We don't have any idea how long we're going to be stuck here, and I haven't seen a first aid kit anywhere. The last thing I want is someone getting sick before we have the appropriate supplies to take care of them."

A beat.

"What do you think of all this?" she asks, nodding a head towards the wall, though she isn't talking about that in particular. "The stuff left behind. The people who were here before us." A beat. "Are we here to replace whoever those people were?"

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shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (COMMANDER SHEPARD.)
"I don't know about that," Shepard says, continuing to pace the length of the room, flashlight in hand. "I'm sure there's something that you could bring to the table. Even if it isn't some immense knowledge of technology."

Shepard considers his words; she hates to think that illness might have driven them off this ship, but if they did leave (and they're sure as hell gone now), that had to mean that they were able to get off this station somehow.

"Soldier," she says. And though the explanation will likely be meaningless to him, she still gives it. "Commander of the SSV Normandy, and Spectre for the Citadel Council." Commander most people seemed to get -- but it was unlikely he'd be familiar with the Alliance or the Citadel, or what the Spectres even were.

"Alliance is the universal human government," she says. "And the Citadel Council is the governing body of all of Citadel Space."

She looks back over at Nuada. "That wasn't too confusing, was it?"

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shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (COMMANDER SHEPARD.)
"Hopefully it won't ever come to that," Shepard says. So far, the group of people they'd gathered thusfar hadn't seemed like the type to cause trouble, but Shepard hadn't gone out of her way to get to know each one of them personally, either. Not that she would have had the time to do so if she wanted to, anyway. "Call me a pessimist, but I'm reluctant to believe that everyone aboard this ship is going to get along 100% of the time."

But Shepard's not the biggest pessimist in the room, apparently. "I'm sure there's someone out there who's good at tinkering with mechanical things," she says. Or at least she hopes so. "We should probably have an organized meeting at some point." A beat. "Or something like that. Figure out what everyone can do. Give people duties. I don't know. It beats wandering around the ship endlessly with no purpose in mind, anyway."

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Shepard considers what Nuada has to say, lips pulled in a tight line. "Sounds like a plan," she says, making her way for the exit. But before she steps into the corridor, she stops and turns to look at Nuada.

"Can I expect that you'll be among the attendees?" she asks.

Date: 2012-03-07 08:11 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] shepard
shepard: Female Shepard from the game Mass Effect. (Default)
(Thank you so much for the scene!)


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