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Perhaps I am (mad). Perhaps they made me so.

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Name:Prince Nuada Silverlance
Birthdate:Feb 12
Location:Bethmoora, County Antrim, Ireland
Prince Nuada is a fictional character created by Guillermo del Toro and portrayed by Luke Goss. I am affiliated with neither. This journal is being used for a game. No profit is being made. Just fun.

In need of some anger management and species sensitivity classes. - Very cool music

Interests (26):

animals, anti-pollution activism with extreme prejudice, armor, celtic art, celtic legends, clockwork mechanics, corsican twins, environmentalism, extinction of human race, faerie, humans suck, martial arts, metalworking, nature, plants, recycling the entire planet, regain power for the unseen, royalty, spears, stone sculpting, subliminal incestuous tendencies, swords, taking over the world, tinkering, traditional, weapons training
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