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June 18

Nuada felt the strange pull of the transporter. Oddly it didn't further aggravate his wound as he materialized prone on the transport pad. Doctor Baltar was standing in the transporter bay right next to him.

The station felt cold. Uncomfortably so in his soaked clothing. He looked about and saw Newt just past the transporters, kneeling next to Kasumi.

"Looks like another round of crazy went through," Newt looked at the painted walls and signs of destruction. "See, I was probly safer down there."

"Still in house arrest," Nuada stuttered out. "Doctor, can you get the Acrobat to the science lab, or do you need assistance?"

Not that Nuada could assist even if the small woman looked 90 pounds drenched, but someone could be found. Shepard and Arturia were sure to be along any second.

He, himself, just needed someone to keep him from falling over as he walked. Blood loss was making him light headed. Combined with the small level of iron poisoning he was also nauseous and if his shoulder did not pain him as if afire, his head would be his undoing.
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(April 10)

Nuada looked at the length of metal in his hand. He had thought to attempt to forge it into a sword or spear with burners in the labs. However, it was not a proper metal. It was some bastard amalgam of plastic, metal and resin. It could not be forged, and it would not hold any kind of edge. Indeed, it bent if hit too hard and too often.

Wooden stand in weapons did well in practice, but he felt all but naked without a proper blade. The scalpel he kept tucked in his sleeve was not a proper weapon.

"Mr. County said you're a person like anyone else," a childlike female voice came from the wall, "and that you aren't scary."

He had seen the child briefly from time to time. She seemed, on the whole, to stay out of sight of anyone.

"He is mistaken," Nuada set the useless pole aside, "for I am not like anyone else, and I am very scary. Some of my closest friends would eat human children to wet their appetites. Especially nosy little creatures who spy on others. I am one of the monsters under your bed."

The child had the audacity to laugh. "I've seen scary. Seen monsters. You aren't either. What are you?"

Nuada felt his pride stung. A child found nothing to fear in him?

"I am elf, human child." He looked right at the vent near the floor. It would be almost impossible for an adult to fit in there, but a slender child... "And I do not speak to the walls."

There was a shuffling noise and then silence. Apparently she had tired of him.

He was proven wrong in moments when there was a knock on his door. He had seen to it that his rooms were locked and coded. He debated ignoring the girl.

"'M not going away," she knocked again.

"Come in," he half growled. The door slid open at the invitation and the girl walked in, looking around and assessing his seating room. She was dusty and had dirt smeared across her face. Her forearms and the knees of her pants were blackened from crawling about. She spotted the Father Tree he'd added to the wall and stepped closer to it. "It's pretty. You drew on the wall in the first level 'servation room."

He just raised a brow.

On the table before the couch dishes full of gears, springs and screws sat along with a set of handmade tools. "You take things apart."

"I put things together," he corrected.

"You don't look like an elf," the girl turned to face him. Impertinent little thing.

"I assure you, I am. Have you ever met an elf before me?" the challenge was in his tone.

She shook her head. "You don't like humans very much."

The girl apparently crawled everywhere and overheard more than she likely should.

"I've had no reason to. Your kind destroy my kind. I destroy your kind. I protect my people." Matter of fact. He would not play to childish ignorance.

"There aren't any of your kind here, is there? So we're all one kind. I guess that makes us on the station your people for now." The child smiled brightly.

"Do you have a name?" She peered closely at him, obviously taking in the royal scars.

"Of course I do. Doesn't everyone?" He teased as he tilted his head.

"I'm Newt," she announced.

"Nuada," he relented.

She smiled and backed towards the door. "So, I'm part of your people now."

She darted out the door and left him with a headache and far too much to ponder.


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