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(March 20)

Fury had run hot before turning a much more dangerous cold through Nuada Silverlance.  Dishonorable and low attacks from the halfling and the cowardly drugs of the human had left him to plot how best to be rid of both of them.  He had hoped the halfling would show more of the honor of  his higher blood, not sink to human lows. 

He would give them their due, in time.  Nuada had learned patience long ago.  He may not prefer it, however it was often the best strategic move. 

Patience and waiting for vengeance did not alleviate the need for the physical release of violence.  He was able to wait long enough for the loosely scheduled sparring match with Klaus Mikaelson. 

The man was a satisfying opponent.  His speed and strength were a good match.  He was recommitting long unused techniques to body memory and his improvement was steady.  In a month or less he may even be able to become Nuada's equal.  Their techniques were different, but each held their own advantages.

Today Nuada had brought some of the primitive weapons the rat infestation had apparently inspired.  More than one empty living quarters had been demolished to make weapons of wood and metal.  Wood was best for practice.  He had four poles four feet in length at the ready.  As he awaited his sparring partner he spun two of them as if they were swords, acclimating himself to the weight and balance of them.

Nuada was disgusted to find his new, slower healing required two days between sparring for deeper bruises to heal.  What should have taken a few hours took two days.  He desperately wanted to know what they had been dosed with.  But not enough to ask either of the cowards currently occupying the lab.  Perhaps the tattooed one would be able to work on such in the future.

So it was that Nuada was lost in thought and absently moving through a double sword kata when Klaus arrived.

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Being stuck anywhere did not sit well with Klaus, but being stuck on a space station, forced to feed on dead, wrong blood, with no decent alcohol he'd been able to trick out of the replicators, and none of his family... Well, the last was perhaps as much blessing as curse, but it still rankled. Sparring with Nuada was always a welcome outlet for his frustration, even as it forced him to work in a way he had not had to in over a millenium.

His natural strength and speed had been enough that he had not had to train his body since he was human, and his slower healing meant that he found himself physically tired and in actual proper need of restful sleep after sparring. The oblivion that came with sleep was welcome, too, and there was something satisfying in the progress he was making. He would have thought that being bested by Nuada might chafe, but something in the Elf's behaviour made it not so. Nuada was clearly just as pleased with Klaus's progress as he himself was, that was probably part of it.

Then again, Klaus told himself as he stopped in the doorframe and watched the Elf go through something that looked like a kata with two pieces of wood (not white oak, he absently noted), there was no shame or frustration to be had when losing to that skilled an opponent. The very fact that Nuada seemed to enjoy their spars was compliment enough.

"Now I feel underequipped," Klaus stated, pushing himself off the doorframe after a few seconds to walk into the room.

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"Four hundred years? Give or take a century," Klaus answered nonchalantly, heading over to the other set of wooden sticks. "I've never tried using two at once, either." It just wasn't how it was done. In a battle, you picked up anything you could get your hands on that might allow you to survive. In a duel, be it a spar or a real fight, you only used one sword. That was the way he had been taught.

He shrugged out of his hoodie, dropped it in the corner, and picked up the wooden sticks, focusing on his right hand for now, twirling the stick in it until he felt he had a good handle on it, and it felt more natural. The same with his left hand, and he turned around to face Nuada, unsure even what kind of stance to fall into, with two fake swords. "This is going to be interesting."

Which mostly meant painful, but there was nothing quite like pain to progress. It was how he had learned swordfighting in the first place, less so with his brothers, more so with the few times Mikael had seen fit to teach him a lesson. These had been some of his best lessons.

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Klaus's lips tilted up into an amused half-smile at the elf's smirk. He knew just what it meant, and welcomed it. He closely followed Nuada's next words, and the demonstration that came with them; he'd seen that move in films often enough.

"I've worked with shields," he'd learned with shields, "let's give wielding two a try."

He would probably progress faster that way than switching back to the one fake sword first, before moving on up. Jumping in the deep end it was, and Klaus had always been a quick study.

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It was all coming back to him, slowly but steadily. Elijah teaching him the basics, a few rare spars with Kol, steadily besting his brothers, becoming quicker and bolder, smug enough that Mikael would step in and teach him a lesson about humility. His father had always been so good at it.

This time, it was easier, devoid of the emotions that Klaus could never deny about his family, each and every one of them. This time, it was falling back into old habits and correcting them with Nuada's help, the elf the most skilled opponent Klaus had ever fought against. There was a smoothness, a fluidity and a ruthless efficiency to the way he moved that no human could ever hope to gain, even diminished as he must also be compared to his usual self. And it was simple. The pain of any blow Klaus failed to block was just that, physical pain, and much as the bruises would stick around for longer than he liked for them to, they would be that much better a reminder of what he was learning here.

It was, all in all, thoroughly enjoyable to get poked at repeatedly, if only for the few blows he managed to land himself. It was also far too long since he had had some proper physical exertion, and there was something about actually breaking out into a sweat. Again, he had Nuada's proficiency to thank for that; a simply human opponent would likely not have been enough.

This spar ended when he misjudged Nuada's counter, backpedaled, and landed very unceremoniously on his ass. He only just had time to block the first of Nuada's mock-swords, but no time to parry the second, which jabbed him in the ribs. He laughed even as the pain shot through him, and let himself go limp on the mattress.

"Tripping over my own feet is a clear sign I'm unlikely to learn much more today," he stated, amused at himself.

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"Thank you," Klaus said as he caught the towel, but he remained on the floor, on his back, and only wiped at his face vaguely before dropping his arm again. Still catching his breath, when he should not have lost it in the first place.

"I was hardly complaining about the lack of alcohol," he then assured Nuada, "but about the lack of quality alcohol. The machines have given me several different variants on alcohol now, none of which meeting my standards." He paused, raised his eyebrows. "Some of them were quite... surprising." He did not think they were from Earth, truly, and it was not that surprising, in a place like this one.

He straightened up slightly, leaning on his elbow, his other arm draped loosely across his stomach. "But thank you for the input. I do remember making our own wine, but I wouldn't trust myself to manage anything satisfying. I have better luck trying the machines; eventually they'll yield something acceptable."

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A squid? Poor thing. That certainly confirmed the odd variety of blood that Klaus had been getting. All of it dead, off, but some of it tasting so strange... He had never been into animal blood, but he could smell it the way he usually could smell a human's, and it wasn't any animal's he had met. Probably some alien race or other, and at least it was nice to know that he could survive on the blood of other races.

"Oh, I wouldn't trust it to give me twice of anything in a row," Klaus confirmed. "But being lucky once would certainly be a welcome occasion." He tiptapped a few fingers on the floor, thoughtful, and pushed himself up in a sitting position to rub the towel over the back of his neck. "I have to wonder if we might not be more affected now that we are weaker. It might not take goblin ale anymore."

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"You read my mind," Klaus confirmed with a slightly wider smile. The notion did appeal, and if there was anyone on this space station he would not mind getting drunk with, it was Nuada. Nuada could handle him, and vice versa, and they seemed to be of a like mind on enough subjects.

"We'll have to work on it to be able to get enough of any drinkable alcohol, however, I'm afraid," he went on, eyebrows raising pointedly. But it would be smart to make certain of that particular weakness.

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"I'd have to stop you, we might need their brains to get out of this one," Klaus stated, almost distractedly, as he thought over how to answer Nuada's question.

"I don't generally get drunk," he started, and looked up at Nuada. He had almost grown used to the oddness of his face by now, much as it had never properly startled him. "But when I do, there is generally a lot of blood involved. It would be best to avoid that, this time."

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This was all said in jest, which might be why it was bearing down on Klaus. They did not need all their blood either, and he was behaving, refraining. It would be so easy, but also so dangerous, and he was going to go out of his mind if he didn't allow himself some proper blood some time soon.

"All this talk of violence has me hankering for some more," he stated, getting back to his feet and picking up his makeshift swords. "Another round?"


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